postcards from your new lover

April 2087.

Will they or won’t they? Is it for now or is it forever? A lot of couples have been taking the plunge into coupledom this spring, so let's see what these saucy lovebirds have been up to.

postcards from the new management

March 2087.

It should be noted that around the time the fires started, midnight, long after the cafe had closed, Ian Thompson was spotted eating a bowl of Fruit Loops at the counter. He claims to have had nothing to do with the fires, but nobody else could be placed at the scene of the crime accident at that time. The owner has graciously decided not to press charges.

it's your day: Breanna

March 12, 2087. Breanna Hubbard is 4.

Just a quickie little birthday cake for a cutie little girl.

the good parts

March 2, 2087. Maya Bunch is 25, Tyler Jackson is 23.

Against her better judgment, Maya couldn’t stop thinking about Tyler. They had something good once before he trashed it. True, he was young and foolish. True, he was going through a lot. But Maya refused to make excuses for him.

Even so, here she was, falling deep into this delicious swamp of nostalgia. It might swallow her. Did he remember strip poker in their dorms? Did he remember whispering to each other in the back row of the observation deck where they weren't supposed to talk? Did he remember how they figured out the absolute best position for lunar gravity space sex, which required many months of experimentation? She was sure he remembered the sex, but it became so much more than sex for her. For him, too, she once thought.

But then he stomped it all out.

2nd quarter grades, winter 2087

This is the middle grade class at Fort Palms School, the largest and rowdiest school district in the country. Due to overcrowding and an extreme range of population demographics and clashing personalities, this district is rarely easy for teachers to manage. For a moment, all is calm in the science room. Let's just say that they're studying atmospheric science and this is the calm before the storm.

the preggy report: February 2087

Lisa Sanchez: 5 weeks

As little Julian Sanchez nears his second birthday, Lisa and Carlos are beginning to dream of a sibling for him. The timing could be better, to be honest. Money is tight, even though Carlos just landed his dream job as a game programmer for the brand new Gamers Den arcade and development company. But they want a big family, and they think a humble upbringing will hearten their children ... or at least they don't feel like it should keep them from going off birth control while they wait to see what happens.

the saddest love story

February 2087. Aura Miguel is 54. Tyler Jackson is 23.

Tyler's last stories: when he slept with that cougar and signed up for the war // and Summer tried (and failed) to get him not to go // Maya

Aura's last stories: when she changed her mind about marriage // when she sold her fashion store to pursue the Treasury job

When Aura first presented the idea of this Treasury position to her family, they had so many plans. Adrian had looked forward to California. They would put their businesses under Beau's management and sell their vacation property in Florida. The warmer climate suited them, but they heard the weather was dryer and more temperate than Florida out west. If only Adrian could have seen it.

it's your day: Sam

February 7, 2087. Sam Harris is 16. Ryanne Phoenix is 15. 

It was Sam's birthday, so he got to pick the movie. He picked one of those frat-house comedies, full of half-naked co-eds and devoid of any intellect at all. Ryanne would have preferred some dreary art film, but it was Sam's choice and Ryanne wouldn’t complain. They both got the movie ready to play on each of their different TVs.

"Okay, on three, we’ll press 'play.' One, two, three."

The dual opening soundtracks echoed through each other's phones, a split second out of sync.

happy divorce day, Stephanie Nova!

February 4, 2087. Stephanie Nova is 27.

Stephanie Nova could worry like nobody else alive. She worried every morning as she sent her daughter off to kindergarten that today would be the day Jeremiah came to snatch her out of school. She knew which cars belonged to which parent, and her heart skipped a beat whenever someone drove something new. She lay in bed each night, safe in the arms of her beloved, only to slide out of his embrace to double check door and window locks, her ears peaked at a sudden gust of wind or the howl of a wild fox.

it's your day: Madison

January 24, 2087. Madison Riley is 64. 

Birthdays are just not as exciting after you reach a certain age, and Madison Riley is pretty sure she reached that certain age many birthdays ago. Being told that she looks incredible for a woman of sixty-four is no consolation, knowing that her charmed genetics will falter eventually—maybe even this year. She is not special. She has not discovered any fountain of youth.

In the first months of her official semi-retirement, Madison wishes for many things, but she asks for only one gift: a real house. She is tired of travel, tired of hotels, tired of luxury apartment suites with shared walls and busy city traffic. Luckily, Madison's real estate tycoon husband is happy to oblige her.