postcards from the land of wanting

April & May 2088. 

*warnings: briefly NSFW* 

#1: the fountain of desperately reclaimed youth

Pamela Collins is making forty look divine. As much as she dreaded this big day, it turns out there was no need to worry at all. Her butt is still firm, her breasts are still high, and her smile lines are light and cheerful. At the gym, she still draws a crowd of men—married men, single men, co-workers, teenagers.

But don’t worry, she’s not screwing any of these men.

Carly & Kyle: the wedding

May 2088. Carly Cook is 33, Kyle Kowalski is 31.

previously: Carly & Kyle got engaged

Carly is an old character whose story existed across three game versions and several blogs, much of it even off-camera. I know there are parts of her story that I can’t find on any of the blogs now—maybe they were in drafts of things I never got around to posting? Like the ending of her relationship with Joe. Or that she and Kyle were breaking up, then they were suddenly back together and getting engaged. There was some in between, I’m sure, but I can't find it now, lol! 

Well, she’s here now and she’s finally getting married! 


May 2088. Vale Akiyama is 27, Vicky Garth is 23, Patrick Nova is 37, Raine is 9.

previously: Vale and Vicky make some big moves together // packing up // and celebrate nephew Abe's 1st birthday.

Music lessons, because: 

“I already wrote you a love song,” she said. 

“But I want another one,” he said.

the truth, for once

April 2088. Gwen Palmer is 35. Andreas Tsoukalos is 33.

warnings: miscarriage

You can have everything you deserve if you work hard enough, if you fight for it. The career, the man, the family. Just be smart enough, fierce enough, dedicated enough, sexy enough, and you can have it all.

Except that it’s not true. 

Gwen must have known it wasn’t true or realistic, especially for everyone else. Maybe, deep down, she even knew it wasn’t true for herself. But who cared as long as she was winning? For a long time, she thought she could bend the universe to her will. For a long time, she actually did. 

what you deserve (SNU & DAC, spring 2088)

Sierra Nova University and Dresden Arts College
Spring, 2088

*** warnings: abortion vs. pro-lifers

It was weird, Melissa now realized, how little she actually worried about the possibility of this happening. Melissa was a good girl, mostly. Daydreamy and whimsical, sure, but always headed in the right direction. She didn’t sleep around that much. She took her birth control pills. She asked her partners to wear condoms, too. And still?

It seemed wrong. It seemed unfair. It seemed like her pills had a manufacturing error or an incompatibility with some rogue herbal tea. It seemed like it should be absolutely anything but the biggest mistake of her life. 

Because, oops? Just like that? Oops, there went her plans. Like, oops, she dropped her phone in the toilet. That’s an oops. This was more than an oops. 

postcards from your next major crisis

February & March 2088.

*** content warnings: miscarriage, blood

#1: Cora Lawrence is doing just fine, thank you very much

Her life is complete, Cora tells herself. She doesn’t need a man. Especially not one like Luis-Fucking-Talbot. She is twenty-seven years old. Her biological clock is set to silent mode and folded away in her sock drawer. She owns prime real estate in downtown Sierra Nova and an investment portfolio that would impress most people twice her age. She buys fancy coffee and drinks it in silence after doing an hour of yoga at sunrise. This is going to be an incredible day, and Luis Fucking Talbot can go screw half his college campus if he wants to. Cora is filling her cup with zen, and it tastes just fine.

He probably has loads of STDs anyway.

a short break from reality, #2: get lost

March 2088. Liza Hathe is 19, Robbie McCullough is 18.

* picture heavy! try refreshing the page if they don’t all load

It was easy for Robbie and Liza to get used to the exciting new sights and tastes of the jungle.

But it took a little more effort for them to get used to their new crew. This is a group with strong and awkward personalities.  

a short break from reality, #1: bugs

March 2088. Justin Kim is 27, Stephanie Nova is 28, Willow and Lily are 6, Benji is 19 months. 

* briefly NSFW

“Bugs,” his landlord said. 

The whole street in the plaza where Justin had just set up his brand new shop was infested. They closed up everything to fumigate for bugs. [SCCO mod removal error.] Unfortunately, for a worker-bee like Justin, there was no time to move his workbenches and equipment back home. No time to drape his works in progress. No opportunity to back up his files for remote work.

“It’s temporary,” his landlord offered. “I won’t be charging you rent for the weeks we’re closed down.”

“Well, I certainly hope not!” Justin said. “But what about my items? Are those sprays toxic to fabrics? Are people expected to bring those pieces into their homes?”

Martha rolled her eyes. “What exactly do you expect me to do about it? There’s bugs, so we fumigate. That’s what they said to do, so that’s what we’re doing.”

the breath before

March 2088. Dakota and Delphie Deppiesse are 17, Shannon Brett is 16, Eric Powell is 16, Jacob Collins is 15.

soundtrack: “Closer” by Tegan and Sara

previously: Delphie and Dakota's last story on the LH blog // Shannon and Jake flirt in church

Shannon was bored of being Shannon. Good little southern belle, made of sweet tea and peaches, singing in the church choir, basically betrothed to the preacher’s grandson since she was two. Sometimes she wanted to strip off and step into an entirely different life.

For now, a little makeover would have to do.

postcards from your Valentine

February 2088.

* briefly NSFW

Here’s what a few special couples are doing on this romantic day.

Vale & Vicky, together 6 weeks – officially moving in together

“So it looks like your neighbor didn’t water the plants then,” he said.

say it

February 2088. Vicky Garth is 23, Vale Akiyama is 27.

Even though they’re in the same time zone now, Vicky still can’t compete with Vale’s super late nights. If she thinks he’ll make it home by midnight, she might try to wait up. But more often she’s out cold when he tiptoes into the bedroom at 3am, tie still on, ears still ringing, buzzing with adrenaline and caffeine, and cuddles up behind her. “You awake?”

She turns her face to him, eyes closed, voice soft and dreamy, and says, “Not very.”

Which makes him smile, because he always loved that dreamy, sleepy voice, remembering her on the phone for all those months. Now she’s here in his arms.

She’s listening, and there’s nothing more he loves than ending his night telling her every scandalous and exciting moment of his gig. Her sleepy fingers pull at his tie, shirt buttons, and belt buckle as he tells her everything while she slowly strips him down. It’s more intimate than erotic. 

“Marc Hall was being a total attention whore. Everyone was pissed. The food was awful—I was too busy to eat anything, but everyone said the ceviche was rancid. Gonna be a lot of people puking in toilets tomorrow morning. Poppy said she was disappointed you didn’t come, she wants to hang out sometime. And Asher told me that Shaina told him that Drew Bradshaw was there, and he totally raved about the music, and he might write about me in his arts column in the newspaper.”