the wisest decision

December 14, 2086. Aliyah Sylvester is 26. Angelo Shaw is 24.

Aliyah had options, she was told. She had to admit that she sometimes wondered whether not keeping this baby would have been the wisest decision. It was unplanned, she was unprepared, and her relationship with the father? Well, she hadn't heard a peep from Angelo in the five weeks since she dropped the news.

She had more reasons not to have this baby than to have it, and yet, here she was having a fourteen week dating scan instead of an abortion. Maybe it would all make sense later.

Everything looked healthy, her doctor said. Her baby girl would be due June 2nd. She could keep working for as long as she felt comfortable. Although, as a restaurant manager, on her feet, walking, and carrying things for hours in a night, she should expect that the work would become very exhausting to her as the pregnancy grew.

thirteen years

* keep in mind that this story takes place five years *before* Harry's previous updates on this blog. 

December 7, 2086. Marlie Alonso is 30, Harry is 13. Daniel Levin is 32.

Marlie Alonso is on her very first date since that time some dude knocked her up with Harry at some high school party in 2072. She didn't remember that dude's name. Sometimes she thinks Harry loathes her for that mistake, but how could she fix that now? All she remembers is that it was a Halloween party, he was dressed up as a pirate and she was a sugar plum fairy, she was sixteen, drunk, naive, lonely, and he was a redhead.

She is still lonely, but she is no longer sixteen, drunk, or naive. She won't make that mistake twice. This one's name is Daniel.

little mods yard sale

Just cleaning out my closet. Here is a collection of little gameplay mods that do little things, made for my own game, tested in my own game. Sold as-is, no returns.

1st quarter grades, fall 2086

Saturday, November 30th, 2086. 8:00 a.m.

Senior Skills Testing Exams and Graduation Advisory Sessions

Minimum skill points to graduate: 18.0
Minimum GPA: 68%
re-takes available: January 25, 2087

it's your day: Riley (and Patrick)

November 29, 2086. Riley Hathe and Patrick Nova are 36. (Chad is 35, Lara is 33, Liza is 17, Shaun is 9, Raine is 8, Skye is 4.)

The move out west for the Hathe and Phoenix families came quicker than any of them were ready for. Chad and Hayden had a meeting with their lawyer in Catalina to claim that legendary business grant, and to establish their new gaming start-up partnership. It was a good thing these two have been best buddies since they were sixteen—they were about to marry two entire family net worths into this business. They both had property to sell back home in Lakeside Heights, and they co-signed on a business loan to cover what the grant left over.

At least they were taking it seriously. Maybe more seriously than they'd ever taken anything in their lives, including their combined three marriages and six children.

life off-camera: Riley & Chad

Previously with the Hathe family (time in sim-years): Chad started his first arcade (8 years ago), Riley's shelter that Chad never really liked (4 years ago), Chad's rad vest and Liza's first date (3 years ago),  that time Riley was a little bit snippy with Stephanie (3 years ago).

I have been sitting on a story for two weeks now, going back and forth, trying to decide what to do with a particular nugget of Riley and Chad's history. It's a problematic nugget because it happened three years ago, right about the time the LH blog ended, actually. It's over and done with now, but that doesn't mean it's not still part of their lives. Even so, it will only amount to about a line or two of their next chapter. So I wanted to put this out here, because I figure people might read it and be like, "What?!? When did that happen?" lol!

As sims, this is a true story. It's true for them as characters, too, because you know how we sometimes exit without saving because we don't want to commit something to their "real" story. Well, that's not what happened here. I committed this event to their story both as sims and as characters.