a short break

I am off to scorch my pasty epidermis with UV radiation. Sound fun?

I had hoped to get another story up before I went, but, ha ha, that didn't happen. But at least that means I should have one or two things very close to ready when I get back next week.

If you've read everything here and need something more to read, *shameless plug incoming* The Fish and the Bird is now available in all ebook formats AND paperback. It is one of my favorite things I've ever written and has all of my top requirements for a great story: a love triangle, dead relatives, sassy best friends, maybe the most heart-stopping first kiss scene that I've ever written, rage, angst, regret, redemption, and all bundled up with a happy ending. So I hope you'll check it out. If you like anything I write here on this blog, I know that you'll love it.

Enjoy the spring! Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!

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one day, somewhere in the big wide universe...

September 2086. Cassie Deppiesse is 13 months old, Dallas is 21, Lucy is 20.

One day, somewhere in the big wide universe, aka their new home in South Carolina, the little blue baby who saved the world became a regular toddler.

As regular as a third-generation alien-hybrid toddler can be, anyway.

download: the Old Nova Family Home

Owned and loved by the Nova family for over sixty years, this classic family home has been given a fresh coat of paint and put on the market for a new family to grow into.

round 2087

* spanning September 2086 through August 2087

end of round 2084, stats

I know this round wasn't a *real* round, but I have been playing some other families in between story posts, and a lot has changed since I did my last and only other round summary (which is mostly irrelevant at this point, since I've added and changed so much). But, as I play forward, I know I will want something like this as a benchmark to collect links and dates and stats for my own records.

stats for round 2084: February 2084 through September 2086

an author's note on timelines and in betweens

So, that was just the NaNoWriMo that lasted seventeen months!

Drown #14: we go on, part 3

September 2086. Stephanie and Justin are 26. Willow is 5, Lily is 4, Benji is 3 weeks old. George McCarthy is 32.

Stephanie was terrified when Cynthia suggested that they take the girls out for the day. "Willow needs the distraction. She needs to feel like things are normal again."

But was that wise? Jeremiah could be anywhere. That was how this all happened. They let their guard down for just a moment and he showed up and tried to destroy everything.

"But you can’t lock yourself inside a hospital for the rest of your life," Cynthia said.

"I guess you're right," Stephanie agreed.

So the girls went out with their grandparents and they had a nice day.