the preggy report: February 2087

Lisa Sanchez: 5 weeks

As little Julian Sanchez nears his second birthday, Lisa and Carlos are beginning to dream of a sibling for him. The timing could be better, to be honest. Money is tight, even though Carlos just landed his dream job as a game programmer for the brand new Gamers Den arcade and development company. But they want a big family, and they think a humble upbringing will hearten their children ... or at least they don't feel like it should keep them from going off birth control while they wait to see what happens.

the saddest love story

February 2087. Aura Miguel is 54. Tyler Jackson is 23.

Tyler's last stories: when he slept with that cougar and signed up for the war // and Summer tried (and failed) to get him not to go // Maya

Aura's last stories: when she changed her mind about marriage // when she sold her fashion store to pursue the Treasury job

When Aura first presented the idea of this Treasury position to her family, they had so many plans. Adrian had looked forward to California. They would put their businesses under Beau's management and sell their vacation property in Florida. The warmer climate suited them, but they heard the weather was dryer and more temperate than Florida out west. If only Adrian could have seen it.

it's your day: Sam

February 7, 2087. Sam Harris is 16. Ryanne Phoenix is 15. 

It was Sam's birthday, so he got to pick the movie. He picked one of those frat-house comedies, full of half-naked co-eds and devoid of any intellect at all. Ryanne would have preferred some dreary art film, but it was Sam's choice and Ryanne wouldn’t complain. They both got the movie ready to play on each of their different TVs.

"Okay, on three, we’ll press 'play.' One, two, three."

The dual opening soundtracks echoed through each other's phones, a split second out of sync.

happy divorce day, Stephanie Nova!

February 4, 2087. Stephanie Nova is 27.

Stephanie Nova could worry like nobody else alive. She worried every morning as she sent her daughter off to kindergarten that today would be the day Jeremiah came to snatch her out of school. She knew which cars belonged to which parent, and her heart skipped a beat whenever someone drove something new. She lay in bed each night, safe in the arms of her beloved, only to slide out of his embrace to double check door and window locks, her ears peaked at a sudden gust of wind or the howl of a wild fox.

it's your day: Madison

January 24, 2087. Madison Riley is 64. 

Birthdays are just not as exciting after you reach a certain age, and Madison Riley is pretty sure she reached that certain age many birthdays ago. Being told that she looks incredible for a woman of sixty-four is no consolation, knowing that her charmed genetics will falter eventually—maybe even this year. She is not special. She has not discovered any fountain of youth.

In the first months of her official semi-retirement, Madison wishes for many things, but she asks for only one gift: a real house. She is tired of travel, tired of hotels, tired of luxury apartment suites with shared walls and busy city traffic. Luckily, Madison's real estate tycoon husband is happy to oblige her.

postcards from up north (mini updates)

January 2087.

#1: puppy love

Blossom and George are all bundled up and ready to head up north to visit her parents.

real music

January 3, 2087. George McCarthy is 32, Blossom McCarthy is 27, Vicky Garth is 22, Vale Akiyama is 26.

* Where we left off with Vicky: making her peace about Dallas, but not about Summer. Her island in the sun

* And meet Vale

After his wildly successful New Year's Eve gig, Vale planned to stay with his sister for a few days before they traveled up north together to visit their parents.

Blossom's first pregnancy was an alarming milestone in their family, considering they were less than two years apart. It seemed too soon, although of course it wasn't soon at all. Blossom had been married for three years. He and Blossom had always had a lot in common until now. He'd been following her well-charted path for most of his life, exactly eighteen months behind. Now her path diverged from his in a way he couldn't see himself following any time soon. His career was fun and frivolous, his apartment in Catalina was small and possibly toxic, and he hadn't had (or wanted) a steady girlfriend since high school. He wondered if it was a switch that just flipped at some point, the desire to finally settle down?

Deppiesse family (picspam)

January 2, 2087. Orion Deppiesse is 53, Violet is 52, Dallas is 21, Lucy is 20, Delphie and Dakota are 16, Cassie is 1.

Just a quickie little visit with the Deppiesse family in the lazy days of their winter break.

Dallas and Lucy are finishing off plans for their (re)wedding, which will happen in May. They are still waiting on news of a move with the ISCA shuttle launch site, but a suitable location is still being discussed and no date has been set. (I have no freaking open lots in my game, lol!) So they can rest assured any future move won't conflict with their wedding plans.

happy new year, 2087!

Happy New Year, 2087! Keri Riley is 25, Tyler Jackson is 23, Janie Trudgen is 45, Pamela Collins is 38, Madison Riley is 62, Marc Hall is 42, Levi Bachman is 52, Bentley Booth is 24.

*Warnings: Grab a cup of tea, this one is long! Both in words and pictures! (If the pictures don't all load the first time, try refreshing the page. I don't know how it is on your end, but the pictures have been wonky for me when there's a lot of them.) 

** Also NSFW!

On New Year's Eve, Keri finally had a reason to wear this gown. It had been her mother's gown, although Madison never had a chance to wear it while it still fit. Then in time Madison felt too old for it, with its deep scooping back and bare arms, so she finally passed it over. Keri and her mother were never the same size at the same age, but where Madison filled out in curves, Keri filled out in muscle. So the gown fit.

"But don't get too bulky," her mother told her. "Men like their women a bit softer, you know. How will you ever find someone again if your arms are stronger than his?"

"Only date athletes?" Keri quipped. At least Tyler's arms were reliably stronger than hers. Maybe she could consider it, though. Another check to add to her long list of impossible traits a man should have: doting, but not smothering, independent, passionate, ambitious, likes his own space, won't nag for children, won't ask her to be a housewife, and has strong arms?

Keri was never under the impression that Tyler checked all of those boxes, although he certainly managed to check a few of them.

it's your day: December birthdays

first, some quickie notes: It appears that this is Amber's blog debut? I don't know how that's possible, since I've been blogging about her on Tumblr for ages, lol! 

In other dimensions (TS3), Amber was not conceived until April was 25, which made a lot more sense for April's story, considering the time it would have taken her to deal with some personal issues and feel ready to have a baby. But in TS4, Amber was already in my game as a sim from the 2091 timeline, and has been paused as a baby FOREVER, and I didn’t want to keep her a baby any longer. 

So if it feels sudden to think that April and Beau had her so soon after college, then that’s why. We’ll just imagine that everything is fine and nobody is traumatized by it.

December 2086.

*briefly NSFW

This December, after a dreadfully long babyhood, little Amber Jackson is finally working on her wobbly first steps.

the wisest decision

December 14, 2086. Aliyah Sylvester is 26. Angelo Shaw is 24.

Aliyah had options, she was told. She had to admit that she sometimes wondered whether not keeping this baby would have been the wisest decision. It was unplanned, she was unprepared, and her relationship with the father? Well, she hadn't heard a peep from Angelo in the five weeks since she dropped the news.

She had more reasons not to have this baby than to have it, and yet, here she was having a fourteen week dating scan instead of an abortion. Maybe it would all make sense later.

Everything looked healthy, her doctor said. Her baby girl would be due June 2nd. She could keep working for as long as she felt comfortable. Although, as a restaurant manager, on her feet, walking, and carrying things for hours in a night, she should expect that the work would become very exhausting to her as the pregnancy grew.